A Practice Chart for Bach Bourree’ (Suzuki Violin Book 3)

There are several things that keep my brain going and help stave off the depression demons. One is dance and the other is music practice. When I get to combine the two loves into a violin practice chart, joy abounds.

I just started working on Bach Bourree’, the final piece in Suzuki Book 3 for violin. I love to do practice charts. They help me see my practice repetitions and I throughly believe in the adage that practice makes progress. Plus I love to put pretty stickers on pretty charts and then save them when I’m finished. It’s like putting a big, beautiful, glittery check mark on an enormous to-do box!

So the attached .pdf is a practice chart for Bach Bourree’. I combined my love of dance in the photos and the “Keep Calm and Pas De Bourree'” joke.

I hope this is useful for someone else out there!

pas de bourree

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