Super simple makeup tip for drooping or unevenly opening eyes.

I just discovered (or probably reinvented the wheel, who knows) a makeup trick! I have a droopy eyelid from Bell’s Palsy. It bugs the crap out of me in pictures and contouring the fleshy part of my upper lid doesn’t always help visually. But….. if you put bright white eyeliner (I used Lancome Crayon Khol in Blanc, product description below  – I’ve had it in my stash for many years – can’t remember why I originally got it) on your eyelid, just above your eyeliner and up to the crease (but not in it), blend just a tiny bit, and then put your regular eyeshadow over the top, it creates a visual high point that makes your once missing eyelid more visible. If you have an uneven eye, like I now do, put more white on the eye that needs to “open” more and it visually even things out. And because you have eyeshadow over the white eyeliner, it’s undetectable. Kind of an optical illusion.

Lancome Le Crayon Khol Blanc

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