Lather, rinse, repeat.

Oh, my beautiful nude patent original Filofax a5, how could you betray me so?

Well, I had everything basically set up so that I could use my Filofax for making appointments and such. And I started carrying it with me….. for all of two days.

Remember me mentioning once that I round my corners because my skin is thin and breaks easily? I ripped skin off the top of my hand putting my a5 into my purse.  Drove to an appointment. Ripped more skin off my hand getting my a5 back out of my purse.  So, simple solution, don’t carry it in my bag.  So the next day I carried my purse on my shoulder and my a5 in my hand or in the crook of my arm.  You know how the original patent collection is made from that beautifully sturdy material?  Well, it’s sturdy enough that I started shearing bits of skin off on the edges of the binder and the clasp.  And I discovered that carrying an a5 around like a novel is clumsy and heavy.

So, today I kissed my lovely a5 pages goodbye. Goodbye, lots of room to doodle and note.  Goodbye roomy elastic bands that hold several pens.  *sigh* such is life.

I pulled out my trusty personal size Malden that I’ve been carrying for a little over a year, pulled all the Franklin Covey pages out that I had been using prior to this whole project, and got online to Etsy to purchase personal size DIY Fish pages.

Cutting, hole punching, corner rounding.  Later, rinse, repeat.

But now I have my trusty Malden all assembled and just have to now go through the process of writing everything down again.

Next time this year, will someone please remind me that I need to stay with my lovely Personal Size Malden and that no matter how much more room a5 pages have, the binder is just too big for me to manage?  Thanks!

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