Setting up Filofax with DIY Fish Pages (with an emphasis on memory issues*)


*The following Filofax and pages set-up was designed to specifically address memory, organization, and time perception problems associated with particular disabilities.  Any feedback, questions, or suggestions are welcome.  I hope this set-up information and associated descriptions are helpful for people.

I debated between the personal size and the A5 size in Filofax binders.  I find the Franklin Covey binders too heavy with too many pockets, buckles, and other gadgets that add weight to an already heavy bag.  I was looking for something more streamlined. I had several other requirements like: has to lie flat when open, have a pen loop that fits my favorite pens (I don’t like super skinny pens), etc.

In the end I went for the most streamlined and affordable Filofax available right now that fit the largest number of my requirements.  The Original organizer is available in several colors with either a basic finish or a more patent finish.  I did choose the A5 simply because I tend to scribble notes to myself so the A5 offers more scribble room.  I’m also getting somewhat farsighted with age and when I’m tired, a slightly larger font is easier to read.  Larger pages mean slightly larger font and let me write appointments, etc. with a slightly larger print. I am somewhat nervous about the weight of the thing with all the paper in it but you can’t have everything. 🙂

Here’s a link to the Filofax USA page.


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